FAQ – Quit 9 to 5 Academy

How soon can I start making money with this program?

What other expenses should I expect?

Is this newbie friendly?

Will I only get the bonuses if I pay in full?

Will I need to create a website or a blog? 

I can’t afford the program, can I have a scholarship?

Can I modify the templates? I’m concerned about other students using the same ones also.

What kinds of niches can I earn commissions in? Will your methods work in other niches if I find a hot offer following your methods, or does it only work with your templates exactly?

I’ve had my Facebook advertiser account shut down already from another program. Can you help with that if I join your program?

I already make commissions online… Are you able to offer me higher rates of commissions for the offers you recommend (I mean higher than what is publicly available from those vendors)?

What makes your program different/better than other affiliate training programs out there?

If I join, will I get 1 on 1 support? If not, what will it be like?

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